Sophrology manual

Parution : 12/11/2020
Langue : Anglais
Pages : 300
Prix : 25.08 €
EAN : 978-2931117026
Format : 170 x 240 mm

A professional in the helping relationship, the sophrologist accompanies his clients in their search for keys to their well-being and autonomy. Whether he intervenes with medical, educational or corporate teams, he addresses the elderly, sportsmen, children or anyone wishing to improve his daily life. The diversity of these encounters is one of the great riches of this profession, which places the individual at the heart of its practice. It explains the concepts of sophrology and highlights the fundamental skills to succeed. It details the fields of application of sophrology and describes, step by step, the course of sessions, with supporting schemes. It also contains a practical guide to becoming independent and settling down as a sophrologist.

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